Design Services

Design Services

Project feasibility study

Project Feasibility Study is a critical part of the project life cycle and it an exercise that involves documenting each of the potential solutions to a particular project problems or opportunities.

Architecture Design

Many issues such as performance, reliability, site specific conditions, costs, governmental and even construction union's regulations, etc. must be addressed during the stage of architectural design.

Structure design

Structure design is building a series of descriptions that are increasingly more detailed. In structural design for buildings, there are generally four identifiable levels in the development of the design description.

Interior design

Smartcities Construction consists of professionals who are specialized in preparation of interior designs. Our commitment is to concern with creating functional and beautiful to look at interior spaces in all sorts of places including houses, public buildings and commercial properties such as shops, restaurants, leisure venues and offices.

Electrical design

Our Electrical services include:

  • Design of Lighting System
  • Design of Power System
  • Design of Power Distribution System
  • Design of Fire Protection System
  • Drafting of Lighting, Power and Power Distribution System

Urban designs

Urban design is the collaborative and multi-disciplinary process of shaping the physical setting for life in cities, towns and villages; the art of making places; design in an urban context. Urban design involves the design of buildings, groups of buildings, spaces and landscapes, and the establishment of frameworks and processes that facilitate successful development.

Dam Construction

successfully completed a range of large-scale dam projects. Dams are an essential component of an efficient community, creating economic and domestic benefits, and constructed for a range of specific purposes including flood control, hydroelectric power production, irrigation, water supply, sediment control, and navigation.