Construction Services

Construction Services


Infrastructure, utility services and enabling works are required for all successful developments. We provide strategic planning, design, project management and procurement support for infrastructure works on developments

Building Construction

Smartcities Construction provides answers for all possible questions in the area of building construction. Extending beyond the traditional turn-key concept, we handle the project from day zero, detailed plans are developed that secure optimum resource allocation, pressure-free cash flows and flexible time-performance lines.

Urban Development projects

Smartcities Construction successfully completed a range of large-scale road projects. In doing so, we have become recognized as one of the leading international design and construction contractors in the Middle East and Afganistan

Luxury Villas

Through great planning, our specialized interior designers strive to deliver client requirements in an accurate way. Our team of interior design consultants who are experts in fields of luxury villas design, modern home interior design and home decoration provides detailed and very specific concepts in order to make your dream home a reality.

Hotel & Hotel Interiors

Our intelligent hotel interior designers work hard to assist you in increasing your success by letting you choose the most suitable and attractive furniture disposition for your hotel. We offers you a complete consulting service concerning the best materials to use and the latest performative solutions. Our designs are remarkable and luxurious and absolutely help you in accomplishing your goals to the highest.

Miscellaneous Projects

We have built pedestrian bridges, culverts, parks, and greenways. Our personnel have a very wide array of past experience to help construct these jobs to perfection. And, we amicably work with all clientele, be it NCDOT, the Federal Government, municipalities, private developers, or private citizens.

Airport Development

With the unique factors involved in airport infrastructure improvements, few companies have established themselves as proven partners in the field of aviation construction. Smartcities construction is among those select few companies, having successfully completed


Smartcities Construction offering consultancy services and proven smart embedded solutions for stadiums, arenas and entertainment venues. State of art technology to improve performance and support you in the management of virtually every aspect of your organization. Smart solutions for demanding environments. Improving sport, security, comfort, experience, presentation and revenue.

Commercial Development

Commercial DEVELOPMENT is continuously engaged in identifying high return on investment development opportunities. These include Land, Office, Commercial Flex, Multi-Family, Institutional, Government and Commercial properties.

Mixed Use Development

Our mixed-use buildings are designed to reinforce the quality of life in our cities. Our designs respect architectural context, manage complexity, show unmatched performance and seek to express the spirit of our age.

Industrial Development

Smartcities Construction has decades of experience designing a wide spectrum of Industrial Construction and manufacturing facilities. We have designed plants and factories for auto component, glass, ceramic, pharmaceutical, food processing, agro, engineering, sugar, special economic zones (SEZs), etc. We provide energy and resource efficient design, which meets the Owner’s functional and budgetary requirements.


Smartcities Construction successfully built conceptual landscapes to increase a greener life by means latest landscaping trends and innovative mind with a vision to capture elegance landscape design. Moreover, the most interesting part is that each project is designed uniquely with new innovation and features that can match your requirements the way you want.

Road Construction

Smartcities Construction successfully completed a range of large-scale road projects. In doing so, we have become recognized as one of the leading international design and construction contractors in the Middle East and Afganistan. We have the skills and experience to successfully deliver projects ranging from regional roads and bridges through to major tollways, expressways and bypasses in urban areas.

Dam Construction

Smartcities Construction successfully completed a range of large-scale dam projects. Dams are an essential component of an efficient community, creating economic and domestic benefits, and constructed for a range of specific purposes including flood control, hydroelectric power production, irrigation, water supply, sediment control, and navigation.