The Leadership Team


The Smart cities Construction leadership team is comprised of accomplished experts who each foster a collaborative approach to our work, and maintain a strong culture of exploring new methodologies, technologies, partnerships and opportunities.

We frequently operate in high-risk regions, affected by war or natural disaster, therefore we operate strict safety and security procedures, overseen by an independently managed safety and security division. We constantly improve our solutions, taking advantage of new technology and information meaning that our resources, staff, partners and projects are protected.

Financial reports are provided annually to our stakeholders, and we are audited by a leading, international financial insitution.

Our management team have formally served some of the leading government organizations as well as held senior positions with Fortune 100 companies. All of our team have an extensive track record in delivering uncompromised results in war-torn and peace-building regions.



Meet the Smartcities Construction leadership team: 
Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Chief Security Officer 
Chief Partnership Officer Director of Architecture Director of Construction 
Director of Procurement Director of Logistics