Smartcities Construction was emerged from its parent company in 2009 founded in which was been established in 1994 in Dubai - United Arab Emirates. After achieving success in all over Gulf regions, we decided to expand the services and geographic coverage area to surround Afghanistan and other Asian countries. The firm is dedicated for providing contemporary design solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients the firm is consisting of professionals who have the skills and experience to develop an innovative and effective solution.

Our strength is our ability to offer complete design services, including master planning, project development, site design, landscape design, architectural design, interior design, lighting design and consultancy services.

We pay particular attention to issues of site, locality, history, culture, scale, intensity, sustainability and climate context to express an appropriate but innovative Architecture. The success of our projects comes from the personal collaboration forged between the owner, architecture and builder. It is the personal dedication that is the core of our work. Smart Cities construction Architects offers a balanced design approach that respects project economics, functional use of space, and flexibility for future needs.

Each employee works on several kinds of projects. We believe that this broad experience helps the firm’s innovative designers apply successful ideas from one kind of project to another. For example, an idea that helped make a research lab more efficient might also help a hospital function more effectively. Moving designers between kinds of projects also helps them grow, We’ve found that people develop faster when they tackle a variety of tasks and challenges, they also tend to stay excited about their work and stay with us longer all of our staffs function as an extended team, sharing expertise.

The way we build, the way we design our habitable spaces and the way we live all have to be considered, analyzed and adapted to reduce our consumption of energy day by day and over a lifetime. On a more immediate ecological note, any building development needs to be sensitive towards its locality. A designer will always need to appreciate how a building can and will effect and interact with the contextual environment, and how that building and the spaces it provides for it's occupants will in turn be affected.