Our Company


Smart cities is a construciton company .  We specialise in design, consultancy and engineering, and is operated locally and internationally focused on supporting governments, organizations and communities with their rehabilitation and construction projects, by delivering innovative, advanced and sustainable solutions world-wide.

At Smart Cities Construction we have been transitioning war-zones into peace-building regions for over a decade, and no matter what we design, our projects serve a purpose and support missions that create positive impacts in the communities that we serve.

Established since 1994, our clear purpose has driven us to deliver excellent growth across all of our business sectors continuously, year after year. Not only do we deliver consistent value to our stakeholders, but to the regions where we operate; by designing and installing some of the most critical facilities, in areas of extreme risk.

Our key responsibilities are to our staff, our customers, and the communities affected by our missions; including safety, security, quality and sustainability. It is with these responsibilities that our company is guided on a long term basis.

A strong, international management team expand our culture of ambition and commitment, and promote safety, community outreach, learning and development, and information sharing.


We think big, and we employ a team of engineers, architects, project and site managers, planning and legal experts, and operation executives that think the same. We approach every problem as a solution, and engage the multidisciplinary team to execute our plans in the most efficient and rewarding way.


Applying the knowledge and vision of our team with the ambition and commitment of the company, we consistently deliver award winning projects that make a difference.

At Smartcities Construction we are the partner of choice for international organizations operating in conflict zones. We offer project funding, site and personnel security, logistics support, staff, project management, deployable resources and equipment as well as dedicated remote management offices that over-see joint ventures and remote project management.

A cornerstone of our business is our architectural unit, responsible for creating beautiful art with each project that we undertake, no matter the size. Our attention to detail, inspiration, and creativity are visible in all of our work.